The God Drums

by Power Pyramid

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Cassette /Cd-r/ Digital


released September 16, 2013

Engineered by Daniel Weaver
Lyrics and vocal arrangements on songs 1, 2, 4, 6, 9 by Jake Bone
Music Written by Power Pyramid



all rights reserved


Power Pyramid Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Daniel Weaver, Trey Millward, Kilyn Massey, Brent Hodge,

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Track Name: Diving Lessons
soft towels and secret places
gentle breezes, sunburned faces
naked lines your summer tan makes
follow me to where the wave breaks

come with me into the water
sun is rising, makes me hotter
come with me and just surrender
we’re going deep, i’m slipping under

you whispered what you wanted
i’m always letting you get ahead
when you fall behind i’ll reach you
face first i’ll dive beneath you

gasp for breath, you’re almost there
dive again and come up for air
wrap your lovely legs around me
don’t let go until you drown me
Track Name: Runner
the love we made you had to fake
human feeling you can’t replicate
it’s in your eyes, now i can see
the total lack of empathy

the things you said can’t be erased
my memory isn’t solid state
a cold hiss with a metallic taste
i’m not a part that can be replaced

midnight black leather
runs we made together
networks penetrated security evaded

smashing glass, melting tires
the currents running through your wires
coolant leaking in the gutter
they don’t even call it murder

thought you deceived me, didn’t you?
circuits that you ran me through
thinking machine, don’t you get it?
your plastic love is cybernetic

apocalyptic wasteland
atomic desert
final joyride
nuclear suicide
Track Name: Ask
ask me for the first time
with your eyes to the floor

speak free of the hatred
that left you lost and alone

save me from my dreams
with your touch if you can

lovely and so honest
with no faith and no friends
Track Name: Trust
why can’t we make up like we used to do?
i learned how little a promise means to you
we both said things that we’ll live to regret
that’s as close to “i’m sorry” you will ever get

you stop lying and i’ll start believing
why keep trying when i know you’re leaving?
if my soul is stolen, can you keep me breathing?
if my heart is broken, can you keep it beating?

i can see this candle burning out
i can see this fire is going out
even if i could admit that i was wrong
i will never believe that you are really gone

you stop lying and i’ll start believing
why keep trying when i know you’re leaving?
Track Name: Holland
it opens, a slow dissolve and you’re smiling
in the darkness, still not sure if you’re dying

i’m driving, i feel no pain and i’m flying
you decided you can’t contain what you’re hiding

wherever the pavement leads, i’m going
can you promise you won’t concede without knowing?
Track Name: Deadlights
to live forever after
to live for finding your way home
a room devoid of laughter
a room with nothing of your own

i heard a dirty secret
i heard you fucked him twice last fall
you didn’t really mean it
you didn’t mean to get involved
Track Name: Torchbearer
it’s cold in the night
but the stars are still burning
we can follow the light when we walk back home

the summer that’s gone
the leaves are still turning
the snow that will fall will melt away

if you open your eyes
if you look out your window
you’ll see the same sky you share with me

i know a new flame can rise from these embers
i’ll carry this flame forever
Track Name: Fifteen
let’s drive all night to toronto
steal your parents’ car
write me a song if you want to
you try so hard

hillside kills me
i’m never there
i wonder what they think
they always stare

1989 was a good year
things really change
what i would give not to be here
take me away